A Lover’s Vow

Dalton and Jules were not lovers at the start of this story as the relationship between them were highly professional. Jules never wanted to establish any kind of relationship with the man who was famous for his scandals. The private investigator thought that Dalton was nothing more than a person with a fake personality who was interested in temporary relationships only. Dalton was not like that from the inside and he wanted to prove his true worthy nature to the young detective.
Suddenly the story takes a twist and Dalton and his family gets stuck in a serious situation. Only Jules can save them and help them out in this situation so Dalton goes directly to her and asks her for some serious help. Jules agrees on the condition that they will not talk about anything personal during the entire assignment.

As the two start spending the nights together for the sake of investigation, things go seriously wild between them. Jules starts thinking that she has made a mess of her life by getting engaged in such a relationship. While on the other hand, Dalton tries to show commitment so that he can prove that he really deserves her company.

This is the third part of the series by Brenda Jackson and is narrated by Ron Butler. It would not be wrong if we say that the story is with a better plot than The House on Blueberry Lane and Cupid’s Bow. However, we cannot say that the other two stories by the author are useless. These two books also have their worth and they have received the same amount of praise.

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