A Risque Engagement

The series has mature themes intact and it is certainly not for the children who still fail to comprehend things linked to relations. There are relations and then there are tragedies that occur because of those relations. Stephanie Nicole Norris is a specialist in portraying such stories, the author seems to have a special pen for the creation of these love stories with the spice of tragedy involved.

Corinne Thomas has everything which an average woman can dream of and she is enjoying her life according to the maximum level. There are a few things missing in her life and she thinks that she can go on without those things. One of those things is love and that’s where her perception of her perfect life breaks.

She thinks that she can go on without love in her life which is a wrong thought because no one can go on without love. When she meets Xavier Valentine she thinks that she needs love as well. Xavier on the other hand is described as a busy man by the narrators Jakobi Diem and Wesleigh Siobhan.

Being a sports agent, Xavier does not meet a lot of people without any appointment and when he gets stuck with Corinne for a while he thinks that it is fate that has brought the two closer to one another. His Royal Highness was dominated by love and coincidence so the fans liked that very much. The author has used those two things in other stories too like In Pursuit of You and it has remained successful all the time. This one is not that much different in that regard and it is with more scintillating feelings.

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