Age of Myth

Michael J. Sullivan knew that myths have captivated most of lovers of fiction and fantasy from the beginning. That has been the reason behind the creation of these stories which have so much appeal that no one would ever want to skip even a single story. This is not the dawn of the myths rather the age of the myths is expiring in this certain chapter.

The humans used to worship the gods which were called Fhrey. These gods had unimaginable powers and they were also considered immortal beings. For centuries the situation continued in that pattern and then the tables were toppled when one of the gods was killed by a human. Raithe never knew that he would be able to chop the head of a god but now he was hailed as the God Killer.

This single act changed everything because the people finally recognized that the gods were not immortal so they don’t have to bow down before them. The gods and the humans come face to face in this episode and this would be the end of the age which believed in Fhrey and it is the time for the rebels to rise.

The Rose and the Thorn can be termed as exciting of the same rank, Tim Gerard Reynolds’ narration will also go along in the same quality and intensity. Rise of Empire have concepts which would be better understood if you have these type of books in your mind. The battle between the Fhrey and the humans is going to be heated up in the middle and it will end with a lot of bloodsheds.

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