Going to the moon was the first dream of human beings and the day when the first human landed a foot on the surface of the moon, that dream was fulfilled. Later the humans developed other thoughts about finally settling on the moon and making it a colony. Andy Weir has written the series on the second part of the idea. Jazz the primary character of the series is living in the first city that the humans built on the moon. It was a charming thing apparently for the people who were living on earth but here on Artemis, life is not that pleasant.

Those with money in their pockets can afford everything and they are living a bit satisfied life while those with debts to pay, it is more like hell. Jazz happens to be a criminal by profession because she needs money for her survival. So she gets indulged in certain illegal businesses every now and then in order to earn money for her survival. One day she gets a chance to enter the big crime zone that could pay her a lot of money.

If she pulls that one job then she would be able to live peacefully for a long time. When she enters the zone of this next level crime world, she realizes that she has made a very big mistake. Someone is trying to take over the Artemis and Jazz is involved in that scheme too. Rosario Dawson will charm the audience further in the narration of this story.

Fans who know all about the sensational books of the sort Project Hail Mary and Randomize will easily understand this new story. The book is written in easy language and the scene on the moon is not hard to imagine if you are already involved in the fictional world.

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