As Sure as the Dawn

As Sure as the Dawn is a genre fiction novel. It is the third chapter in the Mark of the Lion novel series. The book is written by Francine Rivers. Her work also includes inspirational romance novels. Before she became a born-again Christian, she also used to write historical romance. That was way back before 1986. From her literary archives, you will find A Voice in the Wind as a top-quality novel with a very good storyline and characters. After this one, you will also be amazed at her great writing in The Lady’s Mine novel. Both of these novels recommended here will make a great experience in audio. It is because they are narrated beautifully and you will find them better than their paperback editions.


The audio narration of As Sure as the Dawn is done by Richard Ferrone. The narration job was very professionally and perfectly done by Richard. He was able to produce distinct voices for different characters.


Atretes was a German barbarian. He was the one who hard-won his freedom within the Roman arena. He also discovered that his life had completely changed for good. All that happened by his unexpected encounter with a very young and charming Christian woman. He vowed to move the heaven and earth to find out about the whereabouts of his son. He always thought that his baby was dead long ago. Rizaph was the only thing that stood in his way. She was the Christian widow who cared in every way for the child right from the time of his birth.

This is a brilliant book with its story, narration, and characters, and must not be missed.

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