Be Frank with Me

Be Frank with Me is a fictional novel which is written by Julia Claiborne Johnson. The subject novel is her debut book which went on to become the bestseller. Better Luck Next Time is another fictional novel from the author which promises to make a very good read or listen.

The narration of Be Frank with Me is done by Tavia Gilbert. She is a prolific narrator and her performance was as good as always. You will have positive comments to share about her performance in this audiobook.

M.M. ‘Mimi’, the secluded literary legend was in hiding for many years in her Bel Air mansion. But, after becoming prey to a Ponzi scheme Bernie, is completely broke now. For her survival, she must write another book which will be her first in decades. She also had to ensure this time about meeting the deadlines with the delivery of her manuscript. An assistant from New York publishers is sent to her for monitoring her progress. The cantankerous Mimi complied with all this reluctantly along with a few stipulations of course. She wanted to have no English majors or Ivy Leaguers. The person coming in should know to cook, drive, and must be tidy. He or she must also be quiet, sane, discreet, and extremely good with kids.

Alice Whitley is the one who arrives then at the mansion and she was put to work straight away. She was a full time companion to Frank who was her nine years old boy.

You will find the story of Be Frank with Me to be charming, weird, quirky, and eccentric. The characters were great and so were the dialogues. Tavia once again stunned her fans with such a marvelous vocal performance.

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