Blood Canticle

Blood Canticle is a horror fiction novel. This is the 10th installment in The Vampire Chronicles novel series which is written by Anne Rice. Among her best novels, Interview with the Vampire easily tops the list. The Witching Hour for some of the fans of Anne Rice was an even better experience than the first recommended novel.

It was a magical performance rendered by David Pittu in this audiobook for all the male characters. However, the female characters couldn’t come out as well as the male characters. Somehow, the female characters got diminished under the male-dominant voice of David.

Anne Rice continued with her amazing, surprising, and astonishing Vampire Chronicles. It comes with the tale of the passionate quest of Lestat for goodness, redemption, and love for the Rowan Mayfair.

You will find all of the magnificent and beautifully conceived and developed characters. All of these make the immaculate world of witches and vampires that belongs to Anne Rice.

Mona Mayfair has reached the Blackwood Farm to die and instead, she was brought into the world of the undead. Rowan Mayfair was known as a top-class neurosurgeon. She was also a witch and was mostly seen discovering herself drawn too closely to Lestat. Michael Curry, her husband is believed to be the hero of the Mayfair Chronicles. He seeks the help of Lestat with all the madness of his wife which was temporary. Her name was Patsy who was a singer and the one who returned to avenge her death by Quinn Blackwood, her son.

Blood Canticle is an outstanding novel and a brilliant addition to The Vampire Chronicles’ novel series. The title is highly recommended.

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