Blue Moon


Things have never been right for Reacher and he is not sad about it, he can tackle anything and all the time to solve problems and face threats. This time he is on a Greyhound bus and Reacher has nothing special in his mind that he wants to do. He has been a loner for quite a while now and he likes keeping himself away from the hustle and bustle of life. While travelling on the bus, Reacher sees an old man who seems to be in need of help.


So Reacher gets off the bus to help the old man and finds out that the man has more than one problem on his hands. The husband and wife have taken a loan from the wrong kind of guy and now they are unable to pay back the money.

The Ukrainian and Albanian gangs have been working in that area for a very long time and Reacher suddenly finds himself in the middle of all of this. He does not want to be in that war and he does not like to take sides either. Still, he wants to help the old man and for this, he joins hands with a waitress who knows a lot about the town and its people.

Echo Burning is a very speedy kind of story and then there is No Plan B in which the hero has no way out. This story has an amalgam of both of these themes so it is a level up kind of stuff. Scott Brick didn’t find it difficult to narrate, he has handled such stories in the past and is considered an expert in the narration of Lee Child’s stories.

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