Bridge to Haven

Bridge to Haven is a genre-fiction novel. It is written by Francine Rivers. Among her literary books, you will probably like her A Voice in the Wind novel the most. If you like this one then trying her The Lady’s Mine novel is a must.


The audio narration of this book is done by Kate Forbes. She was not that good in this novel and had issues when it came to giving voice to the male characters. This was not a story that would suit a narrator like Kate Forbes.

Lena Scott in the Hollywood 1950s was the most charming and hottest rising star. Marilyn Monroe was the one who hit the silver screen there. Just a few of her closet people knew that Abra was her real name. Even fewer knew about the hefty price that she has paid to get that special feeling that she has somebody in her life.


Abra to Pastor Ezekiel Freeman would always be that small, little girl, who stole his heart the moment he found her that night. She was abandoned under the bridge right after she was born. That happened on the outskirts of Haven.

Joshua was the son of Zeke and the closest friend of Abra. He watched her grow into that charming woman. But, Zeke always knew that the things associated with her birth would always cause scars deep within her heart. Hollywood seemed to be too far away from Haven. The naïve Abra didn’t take long to learn what people expected from an ambitious lady who have stars in her eyes.

The book lacked some stuff. It is slow-paced with some fluff as well. The author could have made this story a lot shorter and that might have also covered up some of the flaws of the narrator in her performance.

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