Broken Crayons Still Color

One thing is clear in the title the novel is based on a true story and David Weaver hasn’t done a lot of experimentation with it. David was of the view that the story was already perfect and all he had to do was to present it clearly so that the fans can understand it completely. Benjamin Young is the narrator of the novel so there is absolutely nothing wrong with this story.
Just the first chapter of this book will give you a hint that it is a mega hit in the making. Devin is the one around whom the story revolves as he drops from the top floor to the bottom. The man was enjoying his life as a rock star and there was no shortage of fame, wealth, and women.
He was enjoying all the luxuries at the same time and he thought that it will go on like that forever but that was not the case at all. Suddenly Devin started losing the fame that he was enjoying and there were no further bookings for him. With the shortage in the amount of money, he started losing friends and it became difficult for him to take care of his family even. In frustration, Devin started drinking alcohol and the addiction just carried on.
Ashlon was also down and out in the past and it was Devin who helped her in that situation so she decides to help him in the same way now. The thing was not that much easy for the young woman and the author brings forward the troubles that existed in Me and My Bitch. One thing is for sure i.e Ashlon is not leaving the man who has a heart of gold. Bankroll Squad is also among the latest creations of the author so don’t stop at this book.

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