Brother Odd

Leaving the native town is never a very good idea because you tend to develop an attachment with the place. Over the number of years, the people who are living around you become your friends and the association with the surroundings increases even more. For Odd Thomas, it is also tougher than it looks because he has helped the people of the town as well.

Moreover, his hometown is the place where he loved for the first time. Also, he lost his beloved in this city and he can still feel her presence around him. Odd Thomas still has decided to leave all of it aside and migrate to make his life better and perhaps he would be able to get some happiness as well. As a change, the man has selected a monastery high in the hills as the new living place. There he would get the peace of mind he has always been looking for in his life.

The monks will also help him in soothing his mind and heart. Author Dean Koontz has created Odd Thomas in such a way that wherever he goes trouble just follows like a magnet. When he comes to the monastery, everything looks fine from a distance and then someone starts killing the monks because of a special purpose. For Odd Thomas, the days of rest and meditation end a bit too quickly. David Aaron Baker narrates the love story of Odd Thomas speedily because it was not the primary thing in the novel.

The love story was added by the author to show the dejected mood of the hero thus it didn’t possess any proper relationship with the story. The novel is more pinching and realistic as compared to The Other Emily and Elsewhere. The characters look so real from a distance that we start believing that everything is happening in the real life.

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