By Invitation Only

By Invitation Only is a genre fiction novel. It is written by Dorothea Benton Frank. She was a bestselling American author. You will be booked for hours of nonstop entertainment with her The Land of Mango Sunsets novel. Moreover, you will also enjoy her writing in The Last Original Wife.

The narration of this novel is done by three narrators, namely, Susan Bennet, Sarah Naughton, and Courtney Patterson. It wasn’t a bad performance but you couldn’t call it stellar either. The quality of this performance is somewhere in between that.


The novel is set in South Carolina. The Lowcountry of the place is where By Invitation Only started. It was an occasion of a BBQ engagement party that was thrown by Diane and Floyd, her brother. Her parent was also part of it in celebrating the engagement of their son. On this amazing magical and gorgeous night, Alejandro the bride’s father discovered all the possibilities and limits of the cell phone range. He was a wealthy person with a successful career in Chicago. Susan was the mother of the bride and she was the one part of the public relations world. She believed herself to be deserving of every part of the penthouse that was worth multimillion dollars.


By Invitation Only soon zoomed in to Chicago. That was the place where the unraveling accelerated. It was almost a thousand miles away from her familiar and comfortable world. This was the place where the second engagement party of her son Fred was planned. But, why the second engagement party?

The book has a lot of fluff. It could have been a better book if it was half its length. The characters don’t seem to be consistent either especially when it comes to the family of Shelby. The performance was also mediocre.

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