Captive Queen

Captive Queen is a fiction novel. The book is written by Alison Weir. She is a British public historian and author. You will find the author mainly writing about the history of the royal English women and their families. Those books are available mostly in biography form which you will find exploring their historical setting. Apart from this, Alison has also tried her pen on historical fiction. Among her better books, The Six Wives of Henry VIII will be a very interesting book. Moreover, The Last White Rose is another exciting title that the author has written.

The audio narration of Captive Queen novel is done by Rosalyn Landor. The narration was done with utmost brilliance and that made it an exciting experience for the listeners.

Alison Weir made a huge impact on the fiction scene and was renowned for her bestselling and highly acclaimed British histories. Several of her novels were about Lady Jane Grey and Queen Elizabeth. In this latest book by the author, she did a good job of imagining the fantastic Eleanor of Aquitaine’s world. She was a charming woman from the 12th century who was also the queen of France until she decided to abandon her royal husband for a younger man, who later became the king of England.

In a relationship that was based on mutual desire and lust to get great power, Henry II along with Eleanor 1154 took over the English throne. That marked the beginning of the most significant reigns along with the tumultuous royal marriages in the entire history of England.

Captive Queen is an excellent historical fiction novel. Alison Weir weaved a beautiful story and made it an engaging experience for the listeners.

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