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Darkfall is a horror fiction novel. It is written by Dean Koontz. If you like suspense thrillers with mystery, fantasy, horror, and even satire then Dean Koontz’s novels are quite a good choice. You can experience Koontz at his best in Nameless: Season One novel. Similarly, it will be an exciting experience for you to try out his Nameless: Season Two will also be equally as good.

The narration of this book is done by Christopher Lane. The audience with his voice will have a great time. The expressions and overall tonal quality of Christopher Lane are par excellence.

The city was completely under the influence of strong winter weather. It was also dominated by terror at the same time. Four dead bodies were discovered in four days. Each of the corpses was more hideous than the previous one. This was all about the Strange Days.

Then it comes to the Strange Nights. The cops at first thought that they were all dealing with some psychopath perhaps. But, in quick time they heard a few eerie sounds which were coming from the ventilation system. They witnessed there a pair of outrageous silver eyes through the snow-slashed night.

And then in the Final Hours, there is a city that was paralyzed by some blizzard. There was something that stalks, there was something that watches.

The plot of Darkfall is indeed slightly offbeat. However, you will still found this novel to be a good one in many ways. The pace of this story is quite well and the character development part was handled brilliantly by the author. In essence, it is entertaining, swift and a classic race of time to liberation.

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