Daughters of Nri

Before humans started ruling the earth, there were gods who used to rule this planet. Then the wars brought a lot of damage to the planet and to the kingdoms which the gods used to rule. So finally the gods decided to leave earth forever and when they left, they took with them the magical powers which existed on the planet. The humans thought that they were on their own since then and they didn’t think of searching for gods or any kind of hidden magical powers.

No one knew that there were twin girls who were goddesses in origin and they were left behind by the gods. Those girls were separated at the time of their birth so that they can be brought up under different circumstances. Naala was sent to a small village while Sinai was left in the palace of Nri.

One sister became an adventure lover while the other lived very close to the political circle of the kingdom. As the two sisters grew up, suddenly the magic started coming back to them and the war which ended decades ago, starts again and this time the humans also get involved. Descendants of the First is a lovely book by Reni K. Amayo and this has touched the sky just like the previous classic.

The story might not have been that much famous if Weruche OPia hadn’t narrated it because such books need to have clear and heavy pitched voices. The personality of gods and goddesses is best depicted in heavy tones so that their grandeur is shown in full tone. Here the two goddesses rise to the surface of the human world to show that the gods still exist.

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