Day By Day Armageddon


None of us want to enter the world of undead but when someone is thrown into it then he has no other option except to compete until he is in his human form. J.L. Bourne adds a hero in the world who has been facing chaos for some time. Problem is that the world cannot be saved from the evil that has fallen and the only thing the hero can do is save his skin as long as possible. By saving himself he would be able to keep humanity alive and perhaps one day the undead might die.


Till now they are dominating the human race and are taking control of the entire planet. Whoever comes in the way is nothing more than dead meat after the confrontation. The author has not given a lot of hope in the story for the hero, although he is running for his life he is not with too much hope. Saving the planet seems to be impossible initially because the forces of the human race are going down at a rapid pace.


Jay Snyder narrates the emotions more as compared to passion because saving the earth sort of thing is not visible and everyone is trying to just hide and get out of the way of the undead. Shattered Hourglass and Beyond Exile possess haste in them and this novel also shares the haste but that haste is glued with a sense of fear. It is like the end of days for everyone and all the people of the earth can do at this stage is to wait for the upcoming death.

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