Deadlands: Ghostwalkers

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Deadlands: Ghostwalkers is a genre fiction novel. It is the opening boo of the Deadlands novel series which is written by Jonathan Maberry. He is a novelist, comic book writer, content creator, playwright, writing teacher, and anthology editor. Rot & Ruin is one of his best books. Apart from this, you will also love to experience Kagen the Damned novel by the author.

The audio narration of the subject title is done by Ray Porter. He is a voice actor of very high repute and he delivered an awesome performance as per his high standards.

Welcome to the Deadlands. It is a place where steely-eyed gunfighters are known to rub their shoulders with the dark and mad scientists, and the unnatural forces. All that happened at a place where 1868, the Great Quake happened. It shattered almost all of California and then some mysterious substance like ‘ghost rock’ fueled the bizarre steampunk inventions along with plenty of flying bullets and bloodshed. A gun for hire in Ghostwalkers haunted by his immensely bloody past came to the ever-struggling Paradise Falls town. It was there he got embroiled in a lethal conflict between the diabolically superb alchemist and the besieged community. The alchemist was into making old lethal weapons of mass destruction and was also building an army that will be of the living dead.

Deadlands was considered one of the most renowned RPGs ever in history. It had more than one million gaming books of Deadlands sold so far.

Jonathan is always known as an outstanding storyteller and he proved his worth yet again. The story is exciting and Ray Porter’s narration was absolutely par excellence.

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