Dear Emmie Blue

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Lesson possesses humour along with some serious talk about the life of a person. Let us meet Emmie in this story whose character is created by Lia Louis and narrated by Katy Sobey. At the age of sixteen, the girl was quite lonely and sad. She had no one to talk to because her father was gone and her relation with her mother was not so accurate.

There happens to be a secret about her which she wants to share with someone but she is just scared to do that. Then one day she writes something about her on a piece of paper along with her email address and ties it to a balloon. In her mind she was hoping to find someone who could really be her friend through that piece of paper. Luckily the paper reaches Lucas in France who replies to Emmie at once.


For more than a decade, the two remain friends and share with each other the secrets which they have never told anyone else. Emmie gets engaged in this friendship so much that she stops thinking about anything else linked to her family. Then one day

Lucas tells her that he wants to talk to her about some serious matter and this starts giving Emmie a tickling feeling because she thinks that she knows what he is about to tell her. Irony decorates the show here and in Eight Perfect Hours and The Key to My Heart too. Emmie was looking for something loving from her only friend in the entire world and she gets a surprise instead of a love note from Lucas.

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