Deep Silence

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Deep Silence is a horror fiction novel. It is the 10th installment in the Joe Ledger novel series which is written by Jonathan Maberry. He is a tremendous writer of horror fiction and suspense thrillers. If one novel written by Jonathan Maberry has to be recommended then it will be his Patient Zero novel. Moreover, Zombie CSU is equally a good novel by the same author.

The audio narration of this novel is done by Ray Porter. He is a highly experienced and skillful narrator. His performance truly justified the needs and demands of this story and its characters.

Terrorists for hire manufactured a weapon that was capable of inducing events as big as an earthquake. It was good enough for the sleeping volcanoes to erupt. But, there was one terrifying side effect of the weapon. Before all the devastation, the vibrations through the weapon drive many of the normal people to violence and suicide. Then a huge wave of madness began that swept the country. This all started with a mass shooting spree in Congress.

Joe Ledger set off on a wild hunt along with his entire team to restrict the terrorists. He also secretly uncovered the global superpower that was funding them. At every step, the stakes were quite high as it was evident that the endgame of all this escalation of terror was triggering the Yellowstone caldera, which was the super-volcano capable of destroying America.

The story was not that good and there were some flaws in the plot. You will not get as much as you expect to have from this novel. The narration however did not have any issues and you will be all good with that.

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