Deeply Odd

Deeply Odd is a horror fiction novel. It is the sixth installment in the Odd Thomas novel series which is written by Dean Koontz. Horror fiction novels by Dean Koontz are always good and unique from his other contemporary writers. If you are interested to learn more about the works of Koontz then Nameless: Season One is the book for you. If you still want to have a go at another novel from the author then try out his Nameless: Season Two novel.

David Aaron Baker narrated this novel. It was a stellar performance and the audience experience with the audiobook will be great.

The pistol was seen gripped by him in a way like you see a dove in the hand of some very good magician. It appears as if it just came out of the thin air.

You think that I will not be doing this all in the open but I will surprise you. You will drop before you gather your breath or the power to scream.

The truck driver is hit out just like some rhinestone cowboy. It is just that he was slinging a gun instead of a guitar. But, Odd Thomas was found on the opposite or wrong side of the barrel. Though, he dodged the bullet narrowly. Odd was in no position to outrun the dreadful vision that was burnt deep within his mind. Destiny probably would drove him within a harrowing showdown that comes with absolute evil.

How one could ensure that a crime that isn’t committed yet, never does?

Dean Koontz is a highly gifted writer and an amazing storyteller. You will experience Koontz at his best.

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