Delvers LLC: Adventure Capital

Delvers LLC: Adventure Capital is the third book in the Delvers LLC novel series. It is a genre fiction novel which is written by Blaise Corvin. He is the author of some exciting novels from the same Delvers LLC series where one of those is Delvers LLC: Golden Handcuffs. The title chapter of the series is Delvers LLC which is also a must-read.


The audio narration of the subject novel is done by Jeff Hays. He did an excellent job with the narration and made it a good and easy listen for the audience.

Henry and Jason worked together and in that capacity, they were able to survive the possibility of an unwanted visit to Ludus. It was an experimental planet. The Delvers LLC however had made some really strong and dangerous enemies. If the bandits, monsters, criminals, bounty hunters, mages, and the dark cults here could be referred to as some ‘enemies’.


After their last battle, both of them got separated. In that situation, they both need to either adapt or just die. Henry specifically was up against a trial by fire. And that perhaps could be possible for him to somehow overcome.

Both of the American men would come up against their greatest challenges ever while working as the agents of Berber Intelligence.  But, when they got outgunned and outnumbered than the ex-veteran of EMT and the IT programmer would be facilitated with the advanced know-how of the Earth.

This is a very engaging novel and it will make you read this series further with many exciting novels to come. You will like it for its gripping tale and the excellent characters of Henry and Jason.

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    Dreamer’s Pool

    The Glass Hotel


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