Devolution is a horror fiction book. It is a firsthand account of the massacre of Rainier Sasquatch. The book is written by Max Brooks. He is a renowned American writer and an actor. If you know about the famous actress Anne Bancroft and comedy filmmaker, Mel Brooks then Max is their son. The majority of his fictional writing is based on zombie stories. If you want to check the author at his best then World War Z: The Complete Edition is the book for you in audio. After this one, Minecraft: The Island (Narrated by Jack Black).

The narration of this novel is done by a diverse cast. The names are Judy Greer, Jeff Daniel, Mira Furlan, Nathan Fillion, Terry Gross, Kate Mulgrew, Kimberly Guerrero, Steven Weber, Kai Ryssdal, and Max Brooks himself. The performance of almost all the narrators was highly appreciated by the listeners.

As the chaos and ash erupted from Mount Rainier, it swirled first before settling down. The Green loop massacre story went unexamined and unnoticed until this time. All of Kate Holland’s journals recovered from the bloody wreckage of the town captured a story that was too harrowing. It was also quite earth-shattering and hard to be forgotten. In this chapter, the author brings the extraordinary story of Kate Holland for the first time in the limelight. He reproduced most of her words alongside his thorough investigation which was into the subject massacre.

It was mostly a boring book and not what people expect horror fiction to be like. The first half was flat and there was no story building up as such. The second half was comparatively better but overall, not an enjoyable experience.

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