Drums Along the Mohawk

Drums Along Mohawk is a Literature, Classic. It is written by Walter D. Edmonds. It was number one on the bestselling list for two years. the writer has done some other great work like Uncle Ben’s Whale. You should also check out Water Never Hurt A Man.

The narration of the book has been done by Mark Bramhall. The narrator has done a phenomenal job. The listeners enjoyed the story a lot.

This novel is a masterpiece ever written. It is the story of pioneers who have forgotten the Mohawk Valley during the Revolutionary War. It tells us a tale of how people survived during the revolution. Gilbert Martin and his young wife suffered a lot during the revolutionary war. The writer has explained the story of one family in a village. How the war affects them. People do get affected when there’s a war going on. So, this novel is also about the sacrifices people make during the revolution.

They both have suffered and now living in hope that things will change. People have to deal with hardships. The writer has brought each one of the characters to life with its beautiful writing. The book is amazing with some history. These wars have helped in creating legends while suffering the consequences of war. The story revolves around love and hate, danger and disaster. The novel depicts how life on the frontier in America was full of hardships.

The book is full of information regarding how the country America came. The people who are interested in this history this book is highly recommended.

Overall, it’s a masterpiece written with enthralling characters. Its shows the sacrifices of great people. It keeps you engaged from beginning till end. The magical and classic tale is a must-read.

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