Frank Herbert was a great loss in the world of Star Wars because after the death of this awesome author the series never remained the same. It was Frank Herbert who wrote the parts of the series like Dune Messiah and Children of Dune which took the series to the heights of unimaginable success. The author in this part tells us about the story of a boy who was just an ordinary and innocent boy of his town when his family was snatched from him. Being just a little lad he never thought negatively about others and took the world as a peaceful place to live. Paul got the shocker of his life when his family was brutally murdered even when they were not able to fight back or defend themselves. From Paul, he changed into Maud’dib i.e a sign of destruction for the enemy. It took a lot of years to train and get trustworthy allies but the boy never lost hope at any stage. His focus was to cut the throat of those who made his beautiful family suffer hard.
As the boy moves forward he understands that the dream which he has in his mind is not his dream alone. Several people want to destroy the power against which he plans to stand. So with massive support, he moves forward for the impossible task. Class acts like Scott Brick, Orlagh Cassidy, Simon Vance, and Euan Morton make this story more appealing to the listeners because of the variety in their voices. Most of the time more than one narrator makes the narration less clear but it is not the case here.

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