Emma in the Night

Emma in the Night is a genre fiction novel. It is written by Wendy Walker. She is known for writing excellent psychological suspense thrillers. All Is Not Forgotten is one of her very best of the type and so is her Don’t Look for Me novel.Therese Plummer and Julia Whelan are arguably the best female narrators that we have today.  They both teamed up for this audiobook and delivered a magical vocal performance that you all will enjoy.

The story started with the mentioning of a crucial night three years ago. That was the night when the Tanner sisters vanished without a trace. The sisters were 17 years old Emma and 15 years old Cass. After three years, Cass made a return back to the scene, and she was alone and without her elder sister, Emma. The story she told was of betrayal and abduction. She was taken to an isolated island where both of the sisters were kept.


But, something doesn’t add up for Dr. Abby Winter who was a forensic psychiatrist. The doctor studied the dysfunctional family in-depth and found a life where the limits were all violated and a narcissistic parent had all the power of decision-making. Things were not as easy there as they appeared to be. The return of one sister alive might just be the start of the big crime.

Emma in the Night is a beautiful, twisted psychological thriller. This story needed to have perfect narration which Julia and Therese managed exceptionally well. They both were able to capture all those crucial moments in the story that mattered a lot on the outcome of this novel.

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