Equivalent Exchange

Nothing will get more loaded than this when it comes to the ingredients which a fictional book should possess. Christina C. Jones has given everything to this book and it is a neat production without any doubt. No one can go against such a fine story that is written in simple words. Twisting the situations so much is not the style of the author and this book is easy to understand because of that style.

Emmanuel Ingram starts the narration at the start of the story and then Wesleigh Siobhan also joins in the show. Keris Bradford is just tired of her life and apparently, she is not disturbed as everything is going fine for her but from the inside, she is really frustrated. She wants something in her life but she cannot tell what she requires. Then there is Laken Kimble who is not like her at all and he thinks of her as a barrier that he cannot cross.

No one thinks that they can be the best of couples but they have an attraction that they cannot ignore no matter how hard they try. At one stage they think like the characters in Finding Forever and decide that they should try to move on separate ways.

When this solution does not work then they start thinking that they should try something different like trying to embrace the love which they possess for each other. No Longer Afraid will decorate the bookshelf further if you buy that book too at the same time. Don’t think that stories will not amuse you because they have simple plots, it is actually the portraying of scenes that grab the attention.

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