Long ago in a distant land, there used to be dragon riders who were skilled in the art of fighting evil. The dragons and their riders were like one as they were connected to each other somehow. Not all people were able to ride dragons, only those with special abilities were gifted with the power to tame a dragon.

]Well, this has become a part of history now when the story actually starts because now the dragons are nowhere to be seen and the cruel ruler is ruling the land. Dark magic is everywhere and the lives of the innocent are under serious threat.

A young farm boy named Eragon thought of himself as an ordinary boy but he never expected that he had the destiny to become a dragon rider eventually. Eragon is given a magic sword and the dragon on whom he can trust along with a long list of enemies who are after his life. Evil witches and wizards are after him and according to to prophesy a dragon rider can beat all of them in their devilish plots.

Christopher Paolini possesses Eldest and Inheritance in stock so don’t go anywhere, as there is a long list of books that you would be glad to listen to. The favorable voice of Gerard Doyle is there to entertain the fans further. Gerard’s voice has a kind of magic in it which can make people listen to a story for hours without feeling any kind of tiredness. This is a unique dragon story because the dragon is not against mankind rather it is trying to save the human race from the dark one who has been ruling them for ages.

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