Ethic 3

Ethics was never the same man after the death of his wife and he started looking for a relationship that could heal him. He was not the only one who was looking for a relationship, his children were also in need of some kind of emotional support. Meeting Alani, changed Ethic’s life because he started thinking that he finally found the love which he was looking for. His two children were also found in the form of Alani, a mother which they were looking for.

Perhaps the woman had other intentions which she kept on hiding for a long time. An issue of malice again shatters the family and Ethic knows one thing i.e he cannot allow any kind of harm to come to his family at any rate. Thus Alani was thrown out of the house and Ethic thought that things will get smooth within no time but he was wrong in his perception.

The craving feeling that Alani developed in the family was difficult to get rid of. Ethic soon found his daughter in the hands of a bad boy and the young girl was not ready to leave this relationship on the desire of her father.

Ethic, Book 6 also shows the desperation of a man for his loved ones but this is next-level stuff because a father is setting aside his feelings for a woman and he is trying to focus on his children. Ashley Antoinette writes romantic stories which have action in them too so there is no way that you are going to want to leave it. Butterfly 4 of another series is written in the same kind of mind-blowing fashion. Trei Taylor is waiting for you to start this story and you are going to love Taylor’s voice.

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