Ethic 4

The book goes beyond the trilogy with this fourth book as Ashley Antoinette decides to take this series one step ahead in everything. Series has not been the type where the love is in the air all the time because the characters have fear of losing themselves for the sake of love.
Ethic got into trouble because of the sins he committed and then he started searching for forgiveness. Finally, after a hard search, the man found forgiveness in the form of Alani i.e the woman who took his heart and was ready to give hers in return. One problem stands in their way now i.e Alani thinks that she cannot fall in love with a person who does not believe in God.
Ethic has left that belief aside long ago and coming back to the same faith is a serious problem for him. In order to get the heart of the woman he has fallen in love with, he has to give his soul to her. For the first time, Nicole Small has narrated a story in which there is an issue of religion and love at the same time. The main character has to leave the demons of the past in order to embrace the sparkling future which is welcoming him with both arms.
Ethic, Book 6 is more surprising so those who are looking for more energy can skip the fifth part which too is not a bad story after all. There are many series that the author has written and Butterfly 4 is a fine example for beginners. The themes are not full of violence so it is for the sake of educating the audience all the time.

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