First Comes Scandal

First Comes Scandal is A Bridgerton Prequel. The book is the fourth installment in The Rokesbys novels series. It is written by Julia Quinn who is a good author of fiction and romance novels. Her Romancing Mister Bridgerton novel would confirm that claim. Another reasonably good title from the same author is To Sir Phillip, with Love.

The audio narration of First Comes Scandal is done by Rosalyn Landor. It was a very good narration done by Rosalyn and you will have good things to say about this performance once you finish listening to this novel.

Georgina Bridgerton wasn’t against marriage. She had just thought about having a say in the subject matter. But having her reputation hanging by a thread after being abducted for her dowry, Georgina was provided with two options. Either, she could live out her life as a spinster or unmarried woman for life or just go on to marry the rogue who was responsible for ruining her life.

But then the third option was added in the form of Nicholas Rokesby. He was the fourth son of an earl and was all set to chart his very own course. He had a good life in Edinburgh and was near to completing his medical studies. But on the other side, he had no time at all to find a wife. Things changed after he found Georgina who was the girl next door. She was facing ruin and he knew what needed to be done there.

Things in this book have been quite stretched out. The story could have been good if it was shorter while covering the same information. The top-quality narration was the best part of this book.


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