Flight Behavior

Flight Behavior is a fictional novel. It is written and narrated by Barbara Kingsolver. She is a poet, novelist, and essayist. She started her career as a freelance writer and then later she started to write novels of her own. She gave us some good promising novels where The Poisonwood Bible is one of them. Moreover, she also got fairly good reviews for her The Bean Trees novel.

The narration of this novel is done by Barbara Kingsolver in a very lovely style. As she is also the writer of this book so nobody knows the characters better than her. She delivered a stellar performance which easily mesmerized the audience.

This title is a suspense and a brilliant novel which is set in Appalachia of the present day. You will find this as a breathtaking parable of denial and catastrophe. It explores that how the complexities of our life lead us all in believing some specific truth. The riveting story by Barbara Kingsolver is about a mother and a young wife who were living their lives in the rural area of Tennessee. They experienced something which she was not able to put into words. All of her findings energizes a lot of competing factions which included politicians, climate scientists, religious leaders, and environmentalists as well.

The book comes with a compelling story that connects so well with the natural world and the human condition dilemma. The author was great in bridging the gap between the political, social, and academic cultures that are there in the country. She was flawless in the capacity of the narrator of this book as well.

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