Forbidden Desires: The Complete Series

Forbidden Desires: The Complete Series is a collection of contemporary short stories. It is written by Kendall Ryan. She is an American bestselling novelist with almost 25 novels to her name. Among her best books, you will find Seven Nights of Sin one of them. Moreover, The Rookie is another outstanding book that the author has written.  

The audio narration of the subject series is done by Megan Tusing, Ava Erickson, Joe Arden, and Zachary Webber. All of the narrators gave a compelling narration of the series and the listeners couldn’t s for anything more.

The title contains all four chapters of the Forbidden Desires series and it will prove to be a great literary treat to have them all together in a single collection. This is a highly intense and sexy collection that became a bestselling series as well. The first novel of this series is Dirty Little Secret and you will find yourself deeply involved in it right from the start. The second chapter is the Dirty Little Promise and that will make you feel how much naughty you could get yourself. Torrid Little Affair is the penultimate chapter of the series and this is the title that will make you blush somehow. You will find yourself smiling throughout with some naughty thoughts going on in your mind as well. Last but not the least is Tempting Little Tease chapter which will bring this series to a highly satisfying end.

The subject series will come to the listeners as one of the sexiest, dirtiest, naughtiest, yet most highly fulfilling series that they will ever come across. Everyone will have a great time with those Kingsley Brothers who proved to be just so sexy, Alpha, needy, and somewhat quite male.

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