Frankenstein, Book Four: Lost Souls

Frankenstein, Book Four: Lost Souls is a horror fiction novel. It is written by Dean Koontz. The author is mostly seen writing suspense thrillers and horror novels. The best of the best novel from Dean Koontz is Hideaway. After that one, a very close second in the best novel list of dean Koontz is Nameless: Season One.

The narration of this novel is done by Christopher Lane. The performance was done with a lot of affection and care.

In this novel, the author put a single but big twist in the classic tale which is of science and ambition that went wrong. This was all meant to falsify a new legend who was compatible with our times in a unique manner. This novel is a tale of redemption, revenge, and that very thin line that bifurcates humans from inhuman.

The work of creation has just started all over again. Victor Leben has seen the future once, who was once Frankenstein. He is all set to populate it. By employing stem cells, nanotechnology, and organic circuitry, he would endanger a completely new race of super-humans. It was an ideal melding of the machine and flesh. There was a very resourceful, secret location and enigmatic backer, where the enemies were not able to locate him at all. Victor was quite sure that nothing could stop him at all.

There was a maximum of five people to prove him wrong there. Nothing rest in their hands for the sake of humanity’s survival.

It was quite disappointing to know that it was just half book. The experience could have been different and much better if it was the complete book.

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