Frankenstein: Prodigal Son

Frankenstein is a fictional novel. Written by the most preeminent expert of suspense, Dean Koontz. He is an American author famous for suspense thrillers. He puts horror elements too in his books. It is book 1 from the series Frankenstein. You must check some other work by the author Hideaway. Another book that you must try is Nameless: Season Two.

Christopher Lane is the narrator of this book. His narration is perfect for this modern classic. Listeners had the immense pleasure of listening to his voice. His work is next to perfection.

This book is a new take on a story that is not new though, but an old one. You will find this one quite original. It is the most wanted classic book of all time. The magic, truth, and mystery all will be revealed in this book.

The book has the plot of a detective Carson who looks for a serial killer. The story takes place in a city that’s full of secrets. Deucalion is a strange tattooed monster, arrives in New Orleans. He has traveled and experience things worse than death. He is there as a serial killer; he performs different suspicious activities there. While stalking the streets he goes for victims of humanity that’s missing in himself. He does this task very carefully. He is there looking for his creator. Will he be able to find it? You will be getting the answers from the novel.

You will find this book very interesting. It will keep you indulged in it. Koontz has presented a wonderful story. He has presented the characters with a complex concept. Do give it a try. You will definitely like this stuff.

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