Gilead (Oprah’s Book Club)


Gilead (Oprah’s Book Club) is a genre fiction novel. It is the first chapter in the Gilead novel series which is written by Marilynne Robinson. She is an essayist and novelist from America. She received numerous awards across her inspiring writing career. In 2005, she was awarded the Pulitzer Prize as well for fiction. If you want to give her a chance then Home (Oprah’s Book Club) is one of her best for you to try. Moreover, you will also like her Housekeeping (40th Anniversary Edition) book.


The audio narration of this book is done by Tim Jerome. He did a perfect reading of a perfect novel.

1956 was the time towards the end of the life of John Ames. That was the life he started to write a letter to his son. That letter will be an account of not only himself but as well as his forebears. Ames was the son of a preacher and his grandfather was a minister. He in his youthful days saw a vision of Christ stuck in chains.


He then came from Maine towards the west in Kansas to fight for abolition. At the age of 50 and in Union Army, he became a chaplain. In the Civil War at the time, he lost his right eye. Ames then wrote to his son about the intense tension amid an ardent pacifist, his grandfather, and his father. The bloody shirts and pistol wrapped in an army blanket were of his grandfather. Those might be the relics from the battle amid the abolitionists and the settlers who desired to vote Kansas as a slave state in the union.

This is one of the most profound, and deeply emotional novels of this time. You will love the portrayal of human nature as well as its existence in this universe. The novel might make you weep on more than one occasion.

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