Heart of Darkness: A Signature Performance by Kenneth Branagh

Joseph Conrad is regarded as one of the finest Polish-British novelists of the English language. He was not frequent in English until his 20s, but soon he rose the ranks in English literature with his sheer brilliance and class. Heart of Darkness and Lord Jim are among his best works so far in English literature. The subject novel is rated as an English literature classic. It did fantastically well in its print version. Now, in audiobook, it is also getting its due.

Kenneth Branagh gave a signature performance with his expressive voice in this audiobook. The process in this book demands a lot of power and sensibility of the narrator to be of a special kind. Kenneth did full justice with his soulful voice given to this atmospheric masterpiece by Joseph Conrad.


Heart of Darkness is a novella that many of us have read during our high school days. It is a landmark work by Joseph Conrad. He did well to bring this novel into the world in the 20th century and he will always be credited for that. However, Kenneth Branagh on his own is responsible for bringing this huge sensation into the 21st century, which people just loved it. The audio performance is dominated by Kenneth and he became one of the most talked-about narrators after this. The way he impersonated Marlow in this book is commendable. He was never seen going overboard during his performance of the drama.


This audio version will reintroduce you to the great novella written by Joseph Conrad. Kenneth Branagh’s performance in this audiobook goes down as one of the finest ever. He is also a four times nominee for the Academy Award.

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