Her One Mistake


Heidi Perks has a long list of fans who keep on waiting for new creations by the author. Among the fan favorites, The Whispers one book which gave real fame to the author in the past years. Every book has been cherished and celebrated on equal levels so it cannot be said which book was the best among the rest. Kirsty Dillon and Julie Maisey and Sally Scott faced a bit of difficulty in the first chapter while narrating the book but the cooperation was superb later on and it continued till the end of the last line.


The story begins at the school fair when Charlotte is asked by her friend Harriet to take care of her only daughter too. Charlotte agrees at once because the two have been close friends for many years and they love their children too. Charlotte takes Harriet’s daughter to the fair along with her three children and she was highly alert throughout because she knew that taking care of the children was her prime responsibility.


Then in a split second, something strange happened and the woman lost sight of her children. She quickly ran here and there and after a while, she was able to see her three children again. The problem was that Alice was nowhere to be found and Harriet was waiting for her back home. Charlotte looked everywhere but the girl was not in the fair, she was upset because telling this Harriet was the most difficult thing for her.

Harriet’s life shattered when she heard the news and she didn’t want to see or meet Charlotte again. A situation like this brings the memories of Beneath the Surface to the mind. When the police start the investigation they come to the conclusion that the girl can only be found if the two women work together because the incident is linked to both of them.

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