Holding is a genre-fiction novel. It is written and narrated by Graham Norton. He is an Irish actor-comedian presenter, commentator, and author. He earned a good name for himself in many fields while he is brilliant with his writing as well. The Life and Loves of a He Devil is proof of it. Moreover, HomeStretch is another superb novel by the author.


Graham Norton in the capacity of the narrator of this novel did an awesome job. He has further endorsed the case that the writers could make good narrators as well.

The story of this novel is set in Duneen which was a remote Irish village. That was the place that was familiar with a little drama as well. But, the time when some of the human remains were discovered in an old farm of the village there then those were suspected to be the remains of Tommy Burke. He was an ex-lover of a couple of different inhabitants.


That was also the time when the dark past of that Irish village started to unravel. PJ Collins was the sergeant of the village who was extremely frustrated with that case. He struggled a lot to solve such a big and important case for the first time in his entire career. So, he unearthed the worth of resentments, anger, and regret of the community there.

You will find Holding’s novel to be splendidly delightful. If you were expecting fun and great enjoyment with this novel then you will not be disappointed. There is a marvelous mystery to go with as well which makes this novel so much special for the audience.

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