Kill Switch

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Kill Switch is the 8th volume of Joe Ledger’s novel series. This is a horror fiction novel which is written by Jonathan Maberry. He is an American author who is known for writing suspense and horror fiction novels. He also writes comic books, anthology editor, playwright, magazine feature writer, content creator, and also a writing lecturer. He is among the top 10 best horror fiction writers. Patient Zero is a horror fiction novel by the author and one of the most popular ones by the author. In terms of content and popularity, the genre fiction novel Relentless is also quite good.

Ray Porter easily finds a spot among the best narrators of all time. His performance in Kill Switch audiobook is quite enjoyable. He was able to produce a unique voice for every character in the novel. You will be thoroughly impressed with his ability to project a range of emotions as well.

Terrorist is in the hold of a dreadful new weapon which is capable of crashing the entire power grid of America and sent it into the dark age. There was a coordinated plan of attack to shut down all the electricity in 10 major cities of the country. The plan was also to halt the emergency services. This would make the planes fall and the medical and hospital services go dark. There would be no help available. A dreadful plague in that horrible darkness will be released. In this situation, nothing could hardly stop the plague from killing millions.

This is a beautiful novel and highly recommended to fans of horror fiction lovers. The excellent performance in audio makes it a true 5-star audiobook.

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