Lasher is a genre-fiction novel. It is the second chapter of Lives of the Mayfair Witches. It is written by Anna Rice. She was a top-notch writer of gothic fiction, Christian literature, and as well as erotic novels. A couple of her novels have also been adapted into films. She rose to fame with her immensely popular book, Interview with the Vampire. After this one, she also did a brilliant job with the writing of her The Vampire Lestat novel.


The audio narration of this novel is done by Kate Reading. She is one of the most favorite narrators of the many listeners out there. You will love the performance in this novel and would love to hear more from her in other novels as well.


Rowan Mayfair was the brilliant and beautiful queen of the coven. On the other side, Lasher was the darkly persuasive demon. Rowan found Lasher to be extremely irresistible and she must flee from his vision and evil spell. She took along their exquisite and terrifying child with her who was one of a clutch of children. He was someone who could stand and even talk right on the very first day.

The attempt of Rowan to escape Lasher and as well as his pursuit of her and their kid makes the heart of this amazing saga. It is a story that moves all around the world, forward and backward through time. It also goes well within the demonic and human worlds.

This book is a great continuation of the series. The writer did a tremendous job and so did the narrator. In every way, this novel is a must for all those who are into the fiction of such type.

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