Let Me Love You

The party is on for every human being as long as he is on this earth and living a healthy life. There are hundreds of choices around us and even when we lose at one game, we have a chance to start or enter a new one. So whether you lose in a career or in love, there are other opportunities that you should grab at once without thinking about the past which usually hurts. For Jo, Walker’s life has not been that much pleasant because her ex-boyfriend has left her in a tragic way.

She thinks that the man was a complete fool because of whom she is left with a little girl to raise and her option to find a new boyfriend at this stage of life is just not possible. The real problem is that Jo does not want to look for other opportunities as she thinks that it was her fate to end up like this in her life.

The rap legend named McClain was also suffering from failed relations and he too felt the same kind of pain in the past. The difference is that he wants to make his life better and he is still in search of new opportunities. When he sees Jo, he thinks that she is the perfect woman for him and perhaps Jo also feels the same way. All Jo has to do is put her guard down and let this new wave of love enter her life and the problems would be over.

Alexandria House has told in detail about the problems of a woman who has become confused after her first relationship. Let Me Hold You is also linked to the thing and it will make the theme clearer in your mind. Jakobi Diem and Adenrele Oji have narrated separately and this is the first time the two have worked together. Personal is there too so just sit back and start listening to these stories with a lot to learn about relations.

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