Little Green

Mysteries and suspense stories work best when they are allowed to get hold of the mind. Such stories are hard to find and there are very few authors who have been able to maintain this type of quality throughout their careers. Walter Mosley is one of those unique authors who have to maintain the classic quality in every book. A Little Yellow Dog and Bad Boy Brawly Brown surely held the mind of the audience in a very quick time.
The audience fell in love with the stories because of their depth and flow which just mesmerized every individual no matter what the age group was. A long while ago, the author came up with the investigator named Easy. In that story, Easy’s car fell from the cliff and he was gravely injured. Many years later the investigator is back on track and he is fit like hell.
His assistant tells him about a persona named Little Green whom they have to find. The person disappeared a short while ago and since then no one has been able to find him. Some say that he has been abducted because he was connected to something big.
As the two detectives start the mission, they start meeting strange people who seem to be deadly too. One thing becomes clear i.e there is a lot of stuff going on in the town behind the dark veil and if the two detectives don’t get to the bottom of the thing then it will really get messed up later on. The official narrator of the book is Michael Boatman and the name suggests that the story will be a treat for sure

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