Memnoch the Devil

Memnoch is a genre fiction novel. It is the fifth book in The Vampire Chronicles. It is written by Anne Rice. She is a notable author of Christian literature, gothic fiction, and erotic novels. The Vampire Chronicles is the most acknowledged work of the author which also got adapted into two separate movies. If you want to experience the best of the author then Interview with the Vampire is the book for you. After that, The Witching Hour novel from her will also makes a great listening experience in audio format.Simon Vance gives his voice to the characters of this novel. He is an amazing performer and his narration in this audiobook has been par excellence.

If you have finished Interview with the Vampire and liked it then you will like this Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice as well. It is just like the same book as you will experience the fever-pitched intensity and half-madness in it. This particular title tells the story which is believed to be as old as the legends of Scripture. At the same time, it will be as modern as the religious strife of today.


Memnoch the Devil in a few words can be described as a bold, sensual and fast-paced book. Memnoch rose to fame and became one of the most loved and intriguing characters of Anne Rice to date. She has touched the marks which only a few other writers have achieved in their careers. The excellent detailing of the stories and characters in a small period is the best thing about this book. Simon Vance made it even more special with his outstanding vocal performance.

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