Mexican Gothic


Mexican Gothic

Mexican Gothic is a fictional novel. It is written by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. This book is the New York Times bestselling. This book has also been named the best book of the year by Vanity Fair, NPR, Marie Claire, and many other. If you want to check some other work by the author, go for Gods of Jade and Shadow. You can also check Velvet Was the Night.

For the narration, you will enjoy the voice of Frankie Corzo. He was unable to perform well. His voice is emotionless and dull. It looks like he is just dragging the story. Listeners have found this one very boring.

Silvia has created the story with style, developed characters, and horror. It is set in the 1950s in Mexico. The author will be introducing the readers to Noemi Taboada. She receives a painful letter from her cousin. She just got married and begging for help.

You will be seeing Noemi heading to her place in the Mexican countryside. What she will find there? She is not sure about it. The husband of her cousin is an Englishman who is very handsome. To her, he is a stranger. Noemi does not have exact knowledge of the region as well. Noemi is seen to be very chic and glamorous. She is an avid socialite in Mexico. You will also find her to be very tough. A girl who isn’t afraid of any situation. Later in the story, many hidden secrets will be discovered to Noemi.

You will find this book quite interesting. It has the elements that a gothic novel must have. In the beginning, you will find this book a little bit slow but later will be able to build a spectacular pace.

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