Mr. Nobody

Mr. Nobody is a genre-fiction novel. It is written and narrated by Catherine Steadman. She is a British writer and actress. Something in the Water and The Disappearing Act is a couple of top novels from the author.

As the narrator of this book, Catherine Steadman was perfect. She narrated with a lot of authority authenticity, intrigue, and creativity.


There was a man found on a British beach who was drifting unconscious in and out of the water. He was unable to speak and had no identification. Everybody around got interested in him immediately. It started with the hospital staff as they were drawn to him inexplicably. There were international medical experts there who were baffled by him. Even the national press was looking for the answer who named that mysterious man as Mr. Nobody. Who exactly is this man? What happened with him and why?


Dr. Emma was a neuropsychiatrist who was given the task of asses a patient who was found unconscious in the English countryside. This was exactly the chance she was waiting for in her field of expertise. That was the case that could make her famous all around the world. But, there was danger lurking in and around that case. She left that tiny town some 14 years ago. She took great pains then and that took her a lot of time to cover up the painful memories and secrets of her past. This will not be an easy case for her at all.

When it comes to psychological thrillers then Catherine Steadman is considered to be the queen of that genre. She proved her worth yet again by giving this amazing thriller.

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