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James Holden and his team left their home long ago and now they want to reach it so that they might be able to land and rest at last.

However in their absence a lot has been changed and the world in which they used to live is not the same anymore. Many colonies are made and aliens from different dimensions have started invading the territories. In the past the human race was not aware of so many worlds present around them but now the races in those parts of the world are coming to get the land which they want the most.

There are other issues as well which the people of the earth are concerned about i.e their battleships are disappearing in outer space without any trace. No one knows what type of enemies are there in space now but they are hunting down human beings quite cruelly. The crew of the Rocinante has quite grim hopes of survival because everything seems to be lost at this stage.

They have to fight their way out of this one and at the same time they have to look for the weakness of the enemy which they have failed to find till the present day. Jefferson Mays has worked a lot on James Holden’s character as the official narrator of the show.

Mays has provided a separate voice to the leader of the crew so that his personality might not get mixed. This novel by James S.A. Corey’s will attract the audience towards Leviathan Wakes and Memory’s Legion after the end of this book. This is a battle for survival and only the hard-core will be standing tall in the end.

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