Never Go Back


Never Go Back

Jack Reacher never goes back once he has taken a step forward as that is the way in which he has been living his life since the day he signed in for the army. Now he is not a part of the army but he is still living in the same way. He is going to South Dakota when the episode opens and he is going to the headquarters of his old unit where he is called after a very long time.


Major Susan Turner is the new commanding officer of the place and Reacher has come back to the place on her invitation. It was quite a warm invitation so he was unable to say no to it. However, when he reached the office, he was astonished to see that Turner was not there rather someone else was waiting for him.

Thus once again Lee Child sends his best character in chase of something big. Reacher has to find Turner and also he wants to clear his name from the list of criminals. This is not happening to him for the first time, we have seen such struggles in Gone Tomorrow so the tragedies and actions are bound to come afterward. Reacher is going to save the day and the life of his friend but first, he is going to make the enemy pay in blood.

Dick Hill is the official narrator of the series so he is going along quite well in every manner. The Secret would be another good option for the listeners of this book. Just wait and watch how Jack Reacher comes down on his enemies in this tale where things have become personal.

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