Nothing to Lose

Reacher stands for the thing which is right and he is not running from anyone. He knows the meaning of trouble and can detect problems from a far distance. Two towns in Colorado named Hope and Despair are having a lot of troubles which no one can explain in detail.

Jack wasn’t looking for trouble rather he wanted a nice cup of coffee that’s all. When he reached the middle, he realized that no one wanted him in that area rather there were few who wanted to kill him as quickly as possible. Reacher hasn’t feared death or threat of such sort ever and he is going to find out the truth about the threats on his own. There is a plane which takes off at a specific time at night and then comes back after a span of seven hours.

Moreover, there are places in the town which are protected by men who are trained like soldiers and no one is allowed to enter that domain. In this thriller by Lee Child, Jack Reacher once again joins hands with the local cop who is appealing to them as well. He is going to solve the matter once and for all and no one is going to stop Jack Reacher from moving forward.

Echo Burning and A Wanted Man had fewer characters if put in comparison with this one because here Reacher has started the war against an entire army of men.  Still, Dick Hill’s narration proves that Reacher is compact and relaxed to the core because he has all the time in the world to solve the issue without allowing any harm to come to the local people.

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    The Way of Shadows

    The Unspoken


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