NPCs is a science fiction and fantasy novel. It is the opening installment in the Spells, Swords, & Stealth novel series. The book is written by Drew Hayes. He is from Texas, USA, and has authored multiple books. Among his most prominent novels, Super Powereds: Year 1 is one of them. Another brilliant book from the writer is Super Powered: Year 2.


The audio narration of NPCs is done by Roger Wayne. He has a pleasant voice with good variation which he maximized excellently for the different characters of this book.


What happened when the haggling was done and the shops were made to be closed? When the quest was given, the steeds then saddled and the adventurers were set for their next encounter. They kept the world running, the horsed shoes, the food cooked, yet what the adventurer had spared a thought for the different Non-Player Characters? In Maplebark town, there were four NPCs settled in for one whole night of ignoring those adventurers drinking actively in the tavern. All of that led to things going awry fatally and quickly. Once all the dust settled down, those four discovered themselves up against an impossible choice to be made – It was about pretending to be the adventurers undertaking some definite task of the almost certain or maybe to see their town destroyed along with their loved ones as well.

The story of the book is quite good. However, it was low on the humor level and the audience was expecting to have a lot more than that. Nevertheless, it is still an excellent book and the perfect narration made it an even better experience in audio.

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    What Dreams May Come

    Abaddon’s Gate


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