One Thousand White Women

One Thousand White Woman is the first chapter in the One Thousand White Woman Series. It is a genre fiction novel which is written by Jim Fergus. The introduction part of this book is written by J. Will Dodd. Jim is a novelist, freelance writer, and tennis teacher. The Wild Girl and The Vengeance of Mothers are a couple of highly prominent novels from the author.

Laura Hicks and Erik Steele narrated this novel. You will love their performance as it was quite close to perfection.


This book tells the tale of May Dodd. It is also about a lively assembly of pioneer ladies. She was the one under the auspices of the government of the USA. In 1875, she traveled to the Western prairies to intermarry amid the Cheyenne Indians.

There was a controversial ad highly secretive program of Brides for Indians. Ulysses S. Grant’s administration launched that covert program. It was intended to support the assimilation of all those Indians into the world of white men.


May and many of her friends toward that end embarked upon one of the most significant journeys of their lifetimes.

This book is incredible fiction. Everything about its storyline and its characterization is superb. You will also love its narration. Every word said was full of the right emotion and quite clear for everyone to understand with ease. The credit for this success goes to its author mainly. He was amazing in depicting the American West so much vividly. It was done in such a brilliant way as if those diaries were some sort of a capsule in time. This novel for you is highly recommended.

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